Our vision for Fairfield Metro Center is to create a new neighborhood that offers the best of all worlds; a walkable mini-urban enclave with offices, shops, restaurants, a hotel and apartments all infused with the vibrancy and energy usually found in cities, set in a beautiful coastal Connecticut suburban town.

We believe if you provide companies with cool places for people to work and combine it with appealing places for people to eat, drink, socialize, visit and live and put it all within easy walking distance of each other at a new train station it will change how people live their lives for the better. It will bring them together in new ways. It will nurture and encourage innovation and activity. It will get people out of their cars and walking and using mass transit more. We believe passionately that Fairfield Metro Center can serve as an example to the rest of the region for this type of smart growth economic development.

Fairfield Metro Center is simply different than any other workplace environment that currently exists anywhere in the region. It is designed to help attract, nurture and inspire the culture of innovation that leading companies seek.

Fairfield Metro Center was designed from the “top down” to encourage and inspire innovation. It considers everything from how people get to work, to what their experience is like when they get there. It demonstrates how buildings can enhance productivity and well-being, and anticipates what the next generation of talent is looking for in a workplace experience. FMC provides a multitude of indoor and outdoor spaces where people can collaborate, learn, socialize and focus.



To win the war for talent, companies are rethinking their location strategies. Isolated office parks with institutional cafeterias are a thing of the past. Attracting and retaining top talent demands amenity rich, vibrant environments that integrate work with modern life. FMC provides the lifestyle rich setting needed to attract top talent.

People’s expectations are changing about where they work and how they get there. On-site rail, car sharing and support for car-free living are designed to help attract and retain the next generation of workers. FMC offers a walkable environment, with a new on-site Metro North train station and close proximity to I-95. You can walk from the train to your desk in 60 seconds

Sustainability is an integral part of the vision of Fairfield Metro Center. Well-designed green buildings improve employee satisfaction, reduce time lost to sick days and increase overall productivity. FMC is constructed using materials with low VOC content. A high efficiency air filtration system removes contaminants and provide ventilation rates 30% higher than industry standards. Extensive day-lighting with floor to ceiling glass and open planning allows more light to penetrate deeper into the building.